With more than a decade of award-winning experience as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, I'm well-versed in my field, but never stop learning and refining my craft. I seek out inspiration and am continually excited by design in the world around me. I have worked with (and within) a diverse group of business categories — from large corporate firms, to nonprofit organizations, to startups of one.

My designs have appeared in identity packages, newspapers, magazines, annual reports... on product packaging, billboards, buses and vehicles, websites, trade show booths, model home displays... in design annuals and the list goes on. Additionally, I am able to aid in project management, craft text and shoot photography and video. I wear as many hats as needed to produce a quality piece.

The idea of "kismet" resonates in my work as I seek to create powerful, yet natural visual destinies for brands, products and services. With my marketing background, I fully understand the importance of crafting a strategy for consistent and cohesive messaging. Combining beautiful imagery with a solid marketing plan allows my designs to be animated with a sense of kismet... making your design dreams come true.

Mind Over Matter (M.O.M.) Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit I co-founded in 2009 with a life-long friend, is a great example of my desire to create communications and experiences that positively impact our community. Our nonprofit hosts the annual Get It Dunn 5K and 1/2 Marathon. What started as a crazy idea now brings over 500 participants across the finish line annually. Due to the success of our race, we are able to award scholarships, camperships and needs-based gifts — over $50,000 in the first five years. I have maintained all creative promotions for the nonprofit and run. These efforts are a great representation of me — a passion for design, desire to give back and a celebration of the importance of play!

Other passions include loving on my family (partner Dan, son Henry and wonderdog George,) coffee, exploring outdoors, yoga, jogging, cooking, gardening, music and (winning at) board games.

View my resume, or to contact me, please send a message.